Podcast Series

This SUPERFUTURES podcast series is part of Selfridges’ exploration into possible futures, where we’ll be trying on new lifestyles and ideas with our brands, future generations and, of course, you.


Tune in each week as we speak to people who are tackling some of our greatest challenges in the most imaginative and innovative ways, to make the world a better place for everyone, and head discover SUPERFUTURES for more enriching stories as we imagine what the future could be...


SUPER FUTURES: What If… We made handbags using pineapples?

Behind the glitz and glamour, fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. From unsustainable fabrics to potentially dangerous chemicals, could wider use of plant-based materials be the answer to some of fashion’s more damaging aspects?


In this episode, Natty is joined by Mārīcī founder Amanda Navaian, who shares how growing up in Sweden shaped her views on sustainability, why we should have a more creative approach to what we waste, and how pineapples became the key to her luxury handbag brand.


SUPER FUTURES: What If…we could make diamonds out of the sky? 

The environmental impact of mining diamonds could be costing us the earth. But perhaps looking to the sky could help us to avoid the colossal carbon footprint? 


In this episode, Natty is joined by the founder of Skydiamond Dale Vince, who shares his journey to forming the world’s first green energy company, the skills he learned as a traveller, and how what started as a thought could revolutionise the diamond industry. 


SUPER FUTURES: What If… We could print our food?

As the animal products we consume continue to have an impact on the environment, could the key to repairing some of that damage lie in 3D printing?


In this episode, Natty is joined by CEO and founder of Redefine Meat Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, who shares how his love of cooking began, what led to his drastic diet change, and why his past love of meat drives him in creating a first class alternative.



If you want to feel hopeful about the future, just ask children what kind of world they would like to see. Their imagination knows no bounds, and their playful curiosity can often be a refreshing change.  


For our SUPERFUTURES podcast we’ll be tapping into that sense of wonder, exploring what it’s like to dream bigger and bolder. Hosted by Natty Kasambala, we’ll be speaking with people who are tackling some of our greatest challenges in ways only children could have imagined, to make the world a better place for everyone. But, first, listen to a few thoughts from our future generations.


From otherworldly ideas to cutting-edge solutions – join us to imagine what the future could be…

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