Words: Grace Gargini. Images: Coppi Barbieri

Our Senior Beauty Editor picks her favourite fragrances for spring, summer (and beyond).


Words: Grace Gargini. Images: Coppi Barbieri

Our Senior Beauty Editor picks her favourite fragrances for spring, summer (and beyond).

When it comes to fragrance – in fact, beauty in general – I’m not one for strict rules. I love that it’s playful, experimental and more-often-than-not seasonless. Yet, there are some scents that simply scream summer. From zesty cocktails and lazy beach days to fresh flowers after a rain shower, here are eight fragrances that smell particularly gorgeous for the warmer months ahead.


Jardin de L’Orangerie and Fleur du Mal Eau de Parfum

New to Selfridges – and my dressing table – is Dries Van Noten’s first foray into beauty: a line-up of refillable fragrances and lipsticks. The 10 fragrances come in a range of scent profiles and chic bottle designs (would you expect anything less from the master of print and colour?), but my personal picks are: Jardin de L’Orangerie, a velvety blend of juicy orange blossom with creamy sandalwood, and Fleur du Mal, a modern floral that blends elegant jasmine with undertones of amber and suede.


Paula’s Ibiza Eclectic Eau de Toilette

From its bright ombré bottle to the delicious scent itself, this fragrance is made for summertime. Paula’s Ibiza Eclectic follows in the footsteps of its predecessor in bottling up the feeling of summery adventures in Ibiza with a heavenly unisex scent that keeps you coming back for more. Expect creamy coconut, zesty mandarin and ylang-ylang with a soft, woody sandalwood that conjures a sun-filled day of cocktails and dancing.


1 + 7 and 5 + 3 Extrait de Parfum

Combining art and fragrance, new brand D’OTTO is all about creating extraordinary and emotional experiences through perfume. The five fragrances come in unique ornamental bottles that could be mistaken for pieces of art and are all refillable in store. Perfect for balmy evenings, 5+3 is a complex blend of tuberose, patchouli and magnolia alongside musk, vanilla and honey to give a creamy, smoky base. But if you’re a fan of fresh, green scents, 1+7 combines zingy grapefruit, lemon and bergamot with sage and vetiver that smells equally lovely on both men and women.


Solution No. 2 Eau de Parfum

Debuting its first beauty collection, “PAPERWORK” by Off-White™ is one of the last projects by the late Virgil Abloh so it was met with much anticipation. From its industrial-inspired bottle to the genderless scents that make up the four ‘solutions’, the collection reflects Virgil’s innovative design ethos. So, how do they smell? Each one has its own identity – No 1. gives classy earthy vibes thanks to vetiver, bergamot and sandalwood; No. 4 blends fig, lavender, tobacco and leather for a sexy mash-up. But No. 2 feels the most traditionally ‘summer’, with its fresh citrus notes of tangerine and lemon and ginger, jasmine and a smoky base of amber.


Iris de Gris Eau de Parfum

If ‘green’ scents are your thing, you can’t get any greener than this creation from perfumer Quentin Bisch, whose inspiration for Iris de Gris was the aroma of freshly shelled peas. Alongside pea, you’ll find fresh mint, elegant iris and ambroxan – a molecule that has a sweet and musky, almost carnal ‘come-hither’ effect that lingers on the skin – for a truly unique blend.


Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum

If you lean towards sweet, fruity fragrances for summer, Bitter Peach is going to tick a lot of boxes. On first sniff, you get a whack of luscious (you guessed it) peach that’s complemented with Sicilian blood orange, rum and patchouli. Creamy vanilla and tonka bean join for a voluptuous mix of boozy, fruity goodness.


Vanille Antique Extrait de Parfum

To sum up Vanille Antique in one word? Sexy. The latest creation from Ben Gorham’s cult brand Byredo sits alongside four others in a series of Extraits de Parfums that are scented specifically for night-time exploits. The overriding scent of sweet vanilla bean is cut with a mix of earthy cashmere wood and musk for a big, bold scent that’s the perfect partner for balmy evenings.


REPLICA When the Rain Stops

Maison Margiela is an expert in bottling up memories, and this one perfectly encapsulates the smell of fresh flowers, wet grass and sunrays through the clouds after rainfall. After all, this is British Summertime we’re talking about. Blending vibrant rose, bergamot and pink pepper with fresh, earthy pine and moss, it is a modern take on the more traditional rose.

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