As Chairman of Selfridges Group, Alannah Weston has helped shine a spotlight on sustainable retail practices for many years, starting with the launch of Project Ocean in 2011 – a long-term partnership with the Zoological Society London to help save our oceans from overfishing and plastic pollution - which saw Selfridges develop a new mode of ‘retail activism’.


Now, with the launch of Project Earth, Selfridges is building on that legacy and putting sustainability at the heart of everything it does by seeking to explore how to reimagine materiality, shift mindsets and develop new retail models that will change the way we shop.


In this interview with broadcaster and diversity campaigner June Sarpong, Alannah shares the story behind Project Earth – from the core aims of the project to how sustainability is inextricably linked with other pressing issues of today – offering a unique insight into how businesses can work with their partners and customers to drive positive change.


We’re in such an amazing position to influence the brands we work with, to curate a whole new range of products, to experiment with new business models, but also to co-create with the customer, because we want the customer’s opinion. We want to invite them into the conversation.

-       Alannah Weston, Selfridges Group Chairman


The past, present and future of sustainability at Selfridges.