The men’s jewellery brands to know


Discover our line-up of labels – from the minimal masters at Tom Wood, to the statement-makers at The Dan Life – who are changing the game when it comes to men’s jewellery.

Words: Charlotte Core. Photography: Simonas Berukstis. Styling: Martin Metcalf

Remember the days when accessorising with a bit of jewellery meant donning that beaded “shark” tooth necklace picked up from a beachside surf shop? (Ah, those were the days.) We’ve all come a long way since then – older, (hopefully) wiser, and far more interested in only finding and wearing pieces that feel more like us. Lucky then, that we’ve ushered in a new class of excellent men’s and unisex jewellery designers to who have made it their mission to craft investment-piece chains, rings and necklaces that will feel like a natural part of your everyday wardrobe. (And not a single imitation-tooth in sight.)

For the uninitiated who might be feeling a bit shy about slipping on a few statement signets, we say: start small. Try a light Tom Wood chain (that you can tuck under your tee so only a glimpse is showing, if you’re feeling nervous), or a simple ribbon ring from Le Gramme to get the jewellery ball rolling.   

So, scroll on to discover the names-to-know in men’s jewellery.

MISSOMA - Ridge rhodium-plated vermeil sterling-silver necklace / OAMC - Button down shirt (coming soon)


Not heard of Missoma yet? Chances are that your best girl mate, sister or girlfriend has ­(and they’re probably wearing something by it right now, too). Our go-to for minimalist, everyday jewellery pieces, Missoma launched its first menswear collection at the end of last year, revealing a collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings that you’ll never want to take off.


Founded by Central Saint Martins alum Robert Strang, Sinum (Latin for pocket) was founded to create jewellery pieces that are the antithesis to fast-moving, throwaway trends. Its collection of chains and coin necklaces are crafted with an onus on longevity; each piece feels like a new heirloom worth holding onto.

With jewellery, it’s important to think about your own personal style. We’re seeing our customers becoming more and more confident, experimenting with gold, pearls and precious stones, too.
– Yasmin Mehmet, Selfridges Men’s Designer and Accessories Buyer
MARTYRE - Sinner Stack set / ISSEY MIYAKE - Pleated shirt (all coming soon)


Unisex jewellery brand Martyre (formed by model Anwar Hadid and musician Yoni Laham) has spiritual symbolism at its heart. Founded by two cultural tastemakers who recognised a gap in the market for gender-blurring, innovative jewellery with a keepsake feel, Martyre’s designs are inspired by positivity, strength and spirituality. Case in point: its Sinner Stack (pictured), which has the phrase ‘Every sinner dies a saint’ etched into the ring’s metal.

Coming soon


For those with a strong appreciation for technical functionality and a subtle sense of luxury, each Le Gramme piece is a lesson in unfussy accessorising. Materiality matters most to founder and industrial designer Erwan Le Louër, who opts for nothing less than pure, untreated precious metals ­to craft minimal jewellery pieces that last longer and develop a unique-to-you patina over time. Crafted in France, each piece bears an engraving detailing the weight and details of the metal used , harking back to the history of silversmiths’ marks.

TOM WOOD – Shelby amethyst ring, Shelby black onyx ring, Curb bracelets (coming soon) Shirt - vintage
TOM WOOD – Shelby amethyst ring, Shelby black onyx ring, Curb bracelets (coming soon) Shirt - vintage
TOM WOOD – Eros necklace, Rolo chain necklace, Ear cuff (coming soon) / TOM FORD – Slim-fit vest


Oslo-based label Tom Wood is grounded in achingly cool Scandinavian simplicity. Inspired by the rough-and-rugged nature of Norway’s coast and traditionally-forged jewellery pieces, its statement rings, earrings, cameo necklaces and bracelets are a firm favourite for those seeking understated accessories to wear day in, day out.


There’s no better label to shake-up your accessory game than Alan Crocetti, whose Surrealism-inspired pieces have been a sell-out cult-favourite for a few seasons now. His grungy, heavy ear cuffs and clawed rings are an excellent way to punk up a basic jeans-and-tee combo.


Headed up by founder Austin McMahon, Canada-based label Maple’s playful design references are as brilliant as they are bonkers. Their pieces have paid homage to X-rated animated film Fritz the Cat and music icon Grace Jones, to name but a few points of inspiration ­– bringing us a truly genius collection of pendants and rings that are packed with a whole lot of personality.


Keen to get your hands on something a bit more bling? The Dan Life is just what you need: its wearable art pieces are always festooned with plenty of crystals and dripping with charm and old-school nostalgia. Inspired by pop culture iconography, The Dan Life’s pieces run the gamut from classic Jordan sneakers to the Mona Lisa, all hanging heavy on gold chains.

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