The new fragrance collection is here, and exclusive to us.

Imagery and videos shot and directed by Chrome Hearts Co-Founder Laurie Lynn Stark, featuring her daughters Jesse Jo and Frankie Belle.

Here, we explore the story behind Chrome Hearts’ first ever fragrance collection, +22+ and +33+, created by a family who continues to make luxury feel truly personal, strikingly bold and startlingly new.


The power of these scents is very precious to us – in many ways they are the story of Chrome Hearts and our hope is that they become part of a personal story for our customers.

- Laurie Lynn Stark

+22+ scent profile: 

A fresh blend of jasmine and bergamot, filled with a youthful spark.

+33+ scent profile:

A mysterious blend of spicy citrus and warm leathery oils.

The scents were developed by Chrome Hearts Founders Laurie Lynn and Richard Stark, and their daughter Jesse Jo, who sought out unique fragrance combinations that encapsulate the spirit of the brand.


We took almost seven years to develop these fragrances because it’s such an intimate process. We owed our customers – many now personal friends – the most intriguing, most hypnotic statement we could make through scent.

- Laurie Lynn Stark