Bag the perfect

(and oh-so new) exclusive

Bag the perfect (and oh-so new) exclusive

There’s nothing more revealing than someone’s bag (and the contents lurking inside it, of course). So, in the spirit of the classic British TV show, Through the Keyhole – in which panellists guess the owner of a house by nosily rummaging through its belongings – we’re delving into five rather fancy and totally exclusive-to-Selfridges bags, and asking the question: Who… owns a bag… like this?


Bag number 1: the sophisticated one

The exclusive bag of choice: A sleek top-handled tote, courtesy of Boyy.

What’s inside? A card holder (no purse in sight – because who has the patience for loose change in 2018?), one matte lipstick and a pristine notebook with impeccable, evenly spaced notes.

Bar order: A dry martini. Hold the olives.

Currently reading: ‘Goodbye, Things: On Minimalist Living’ by Fumio Sasaki (via Kindle, obviously).

Most likely to say: “Once I’ve found that perfect grey-marl T-shirt, my capsule wardrobe will finally be complete.”


Bag number 2: the fashion-forward one

The exclusive bag of choice: Medea’s cult-favourite tote bag.

What’s inside? Off-White wallet, Balenciaga scarf, Marni sunglasses: basically more fashion labels in this little bag than you can shake a stick at.

Bar order: A sherry. (You heard it here first: sherry’s the new big drink trend, so get on board.)

Currently reading: @Diet_Prada’s Instagram feed, with glee.

Most likely to say: “The Yeezy slipper is meant to be a size too small, honestly.”


Bag number 3: the made-for-partying one

The exclusive bag of choice: This glittery little number by Elena Ghisellini.

What’s inside? A mini confetti cannon, a night-out-essentials make-up kit and a large pair of sunglasses (for shielding tender eyes the morning after).

Bar order: A glass of prosecco. Actually – shall we make it a bottle?

Currently reading: The constantly firing Whatsapp group chat. 

Most likely to say: “One more for the road?”


Bag number 4: the arty one

The exclusive bag of choice: Issey Miyake’s super-cool Bao Bao tote.

What’s inside? Notebook for doodling, iPad, Acne scarf, a travel guide or two.

Bar order: Red wine’s their muse.

Currently reading: A rather interesting think-piece, debating sans-serif fonts vs serif fonts (much to discuss).

Most likely to say: “White space is not empty space, people.”


Bag number 5: the Instagrammable one

The exclusive bag of choice: This too-cute-to-be-true circular bag by Tara Zadeh.

What’s inside? Photo-ready make-up, phone with an attention-grabbing case, and a purse just as cute as the bag it’s nestled in.

Bar order: Something colourful, in a fancy glass with a cocktail umbrella. (Yes, even in October.)

Currently reading: Do Instagram stories count as reading?

Most likely to say: “Emoji is a modern language for a new generation…”

Some more new and totally exclusive bags: