The Selfridges Guide to: 
A sustainable 9 to 5 

We all want to live more sustainably, but it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve created the perfect guide to making your everyday routine more sustainable with conscious lifestyle changes – starting from the moment you wake up to when you’re ready to wind down. 

The wake up call

From the plastic toothbrush you use to clean your teeth to the shampoo and conditioner bottles lined up in the shower, 7AM can mean you’re greeted with an avalanche of plastic to help you get ready for the day. What’s more, only 50% of bathroom plastics get recycled, as opposed to 90% in the kitchen. But, guess what? We have curated a whole host of plastic-conscious alternatives for your beauty routine.

Getting rid of plastic entirely, BeautyKubes has the perfect alternative – shampoo cubes made out of hair-loving ingredients and gentle, biodegradable cleansing agents. You can also try ditching your shower gel for a skin-loving, natural soap from The Soap Co. and why not swap your toothbrush for a biodegradable bamboo alternative? 

The wardrobe dilemma, solved

If sustainable fashion still conjures up images of hemp dresses and uncomfortable, sensible sandals, then it’s time for a re-think as there’s a whole host of new and upcoming sustainable fashion brands that have your everyday basics covered. Ninety Percent (a go-to for organic cotton T-shirts and comfy loungewear) shares 90% of its distributed profits between charitable causes and the people who make it. For jeans, we’re spoilt for choice, as every purchase from Boyish means that a tree is planted to tackle deforestation, while E.L.V Denim takes old jeans destined for landfill and turns them into new creations. How about that?

The morning commute

In need of some distraction while you tackle the hordes of commuters on the tube? Then plug in your headphones and listen to our Self-Sustainable podcast where Jasmine Hemsley navigates the emerging line where luxury and sustainability meet. From food to travel, you’ll be able to pick up tips and tricks to weave sustainability into your day-to-day life. Oh, and you may just find some nuggets of information to impress your colleagues with when you finally get to the office. You can thank us later!

The lunch break

Prep & pack

Bringing in your lunch may save the pennies, but does it help the environment? Ditch the clingfilm and tin foil for sustainable and re-useable alternatives (not so fun fact: more than 1.2 billion metres, equating to 745,000 miles of cling film is used by households across Britain every year – enough to go around the circumference of the world 30 times over). Apiary Made’s beeswax wraps do just the trick as the breathable organic cotton, treated with beeswax and jojoba oil, keeps your food sealed and fresh. And when it comes to lunch boxes, we’re turning to Black + Blum’s stainless steel plastic alternatives – not only do they look good, but they’re also much less likely to shatter. Result!

Recycled packaging from Chop'd

On-the-go eat

If you’re buying lunch, head to the Yellow Melt counter at Selfridges London where we’re selling toasties using offcuts of artisanal cheeses from our cheese counter and bread from The Brass Rail Restaurant that would have otherwise gone to waste. It’s part of our Less Waste, More Taste scheme, which is helping to reduce food waste across our Foodhall and restaurants, while creating some seriously delicious recipes. Alternatively, head to Chop’d as their nutritious salads are packaged in recycled (and recyclable) plastic containers. And, if you want a sweet treat, did you know that Selfridges Selection is completely palm oil free? Yum!

The after work outfit

Make Reformation your one-stop shop when it comes to the perfect outfit for post-work drinks. Understanding the impact the fashion industry has on the environment (According to WRAP, who promote sustainable waste managment, the estimated average lifetime for a garment of clothing is 2.2 years), Reformation uses sustainable and deadstock fabrics, plus its ethical business model encompasses plastic-free packaging and green building infrastructure. Looking good, knowing you’re also helping the environment? Now, that’s what we call chic.