This is America:

A portrait of a generation 

In an increasingly globalised, digitised world, how can communities, collaboration and creativity help us assert our individuality? In search of the answers, we took a trip to New York.

A new age for creativity

In a world that is becoming increasingly global yet boundaries more pronounced, and where people have access to more information than ever but are left confused about what to believe, a new generation of creatives are forging a positive future for themselves and their communities. From Poster Boy, who was once homeless on the streets of New York but is now in high demand as a rapper and creative director, to the Onyx Twins (two violinists championing classical music against the backdrop of the city), these individuals show how creativity and collaboration can help us challenge ideas and assert our sense of self.

I just want to show them that we can come from where we come from and do great things.

Alanie, New Yorker

@eurotrilll wears: A-Cold-Wall - puffer

We are one. We are better as one than divided

@Eurotrilll, multi-media artist and musician

A new age for fashion

Collaborations, sub-cultures and social media: this is the new age of fashion, made for a generation who want their clothes to express what’s important to them and their community. Brands are launched (and shopped for) on Instagram, limited-edition drops come from unlikely brand collaborations and skate parks pop up in department stores (well, they do at Selfridges).

@theresachromati wears: Ambush - hoody / Heron Preston - waistcoat
@poster.boy wears: A Bathing Ape - jumper

If we solidify and build a strong community, we could build a stronger future for ourselves and educate each other.

@Poster.boy, rapper, creative director and model

Community means friends and family, everyone coming together and just chilling and doing their thing.

Josh, New Yorker



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