Five healthy switch-ups to make now

Overwhelmed by 2019’s favourite buzzword: wellness? Don’t worry, we’ve got you: here are our top five everyday wellness switch-ups to help you navigate your way to a healthier routine.

Kombucha from L.A Brewery (available in our Foodhalls)


Swap fizzy for fermentation

Are you partial to a fizzy drink? Us too, but there’s a new bubbly beverage on the market that’s offering a much healthier boost: kombucha. Made from fermented tea, this low-in-sugar, good-for-the-gut drink is packed full of antioxidants and tastes pretty delicious, too. We recommend the strawberry and black pepper flavour from L.A Brewery, stocked in our Foodhall.

Most importantly, kombucha doesn’t target specific health issues, but helps the body to heal itself via the gut.

Louise Avery, founder of L.A Brewery

Psst: You’ll also be part of our plastic-conscious effort as we’ve phased out plastic bottles from our Foodhall.


Ditch the crisps and try this

Self-confessed snacker? Instead of surreptitiously opening a packet of crisps under the desk (*spoiler* it’s not as subtle as you think), enjoy a treat that you’d quite happily show off to your colleagues. Take Indian snack brand ‘Howdah?’. Their interesting treats – from sweet and spicy pastry Bakarwadi to Onion Bhaji crisps – arrive in brightly coloured, illustrated packaging. What's more, each snack buys a free school meal for a child in need (check them out in our Foodhall). Alternatively, if you fancy a healthy on-the-go nibble, try our Selfridges Selection ReBalance range. From nut butter to raw energy bars, this range is not just highly nutritious, but palm oil-free and made by small-scale British artisans, so you’ll also be supporting the British food industry. Go you!

We worked with a small company in Shropshire called Ludlow Nut Company to create our ReBalance range of nut butters, featuring exciting flavours like Almond & Sunflower and Tiger Nut & Coconut. Health conscious and considered – what’s not to love?

Ellie Tomassi, Food Buyer for Selfridges


‘This old thing?’ to sustainability is in

It’s a no-brainer, but keeping healthy is not only good for your physical health but for your mental health too. But what to wear for your next gym trip? We say, go for brands that weave sustainability into everything they do. New to us, sportswear brand MICHI (recognised by Positive Luxury, a company that awards brands for commitments to sustainability) is setting a new standard for sportswear as it advocates mindful consumption – the design and production process is streamlined to minimise fabric waste and harmful substances.

Hungry for more? Check out Stay Wild swimwear, which is made from 100% recycled ocean plastics, or cycling shorts and crops tops from organic cotton brand Nagnata. So, next time you’re taking a dip in the pool or pounding the treadmill, you can do so knowing you’re also being sustainable.  

Quit the scrolling and start the facial rolling

If social media is taking over your life (raise your hands if you’re guilty), then it’s time to indulge in a therapeutic and totally relaxing all-about-you routine…think of it as a different form of scrolling. Cue: the facial roller. Skin Gym’s rollers (crafted from jade or amethyst) cool, tighten and depuff your face for better definition. Plus, they’re cruelty-free.

Take back control with more mindful beauty products:

Olivia Marley (@yogawitholivia)


Trade in the sofa for yoga: 5 stress-busting yoga poses

See you later catch-up TV, yoga guru Olivia Marley (@yogawitholivia) has shared with us her favourite yoga poses to help you wind down and relax while calming your mind. Total zen, here we come.

1.    Warrior 2
Stand with your feet wide apart. Turn your right toes out so your feet are at 90 degrees. Reach your arms out wide at shoulder height and bend your right knee until it’s stacked over your right ankle. Then look past your right fingertips. Hold and inhale and exhale slowly five times, then repeat on your left side.

2.    Locust Pose
It’s really common when you’re under pressure to feel like your shoulders are hunching up around your ears which means your head drops forwards and down. Locust pose will strengthen the muscles to undo those postural habits. Lie on your front, with your arms by your side and palms facing down. As you inhale, lift your chest, arms and legs away from the floor so you’re just resting on your belly. Lower down as you exhale. Repeat five times.

3.    Child’s Pose
Begin on your hands and knees with the tops of your feet flat on the floor. Sit your bum towards your heels and let your torso rest on your thighs. Hold and inhale and exhale slowly 10 times.

Tip: If this is uncomfortable, you can always rest on a rolled-up blanket to give yourself a bit more cushioning. 

4.    Legs up the wall
Lie on the floor with your bum near the skirting board and your legs up the wall. Hold and inhale and exhale slowly 10 times (or stay for as long as you like).

5.    Corpse Pose
You’ve earned it: time to make like a corpse and lie still! Lie flat on your back with your arms a little way out from the sides of your body. Experiment with whether you prefer your palms facing up or down, and let your feet fall to the side. You may also want a blanket over you or under your head as a pillow. Take a couple of slow deep breaths, and then just lie still. Stay for at least three minutes or as long as you can.

And relax…