Happy eating:
discover feel-good foods for the new decade

As part of our Happy New Decade celebrations, we’re considering what’s on our plate, with a little help from our favourite foodies. From answering your burning questions to the most popular food trends, these experts have all the answers. And worry not, this won’t be all about clean eating – we’re having our cake (or chocolate) and eating it, too. Join us in the Foodhall to discover all the amazing products we have on offer for our in-store Happy Eating creative campaign. Dig in!

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Try something new: CBD

Undeniably one of the most-raved-about food (and beauty) products of 2019 is CBD. So why all the hype? “CBD has been embraced by the health and wellness community because it can help people feel great. It’s an authentically functional ingredient,” says Olivia Ferdi from CBD drinks brand TRIP. But what does CBD actually do? Sophie Morrison and Alex Pejacsevich of Paso, the CBD chocolates and gummies company, explain: “CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (the biological system in humans that helps the mind and body regulate our response mechanism) to reinstate balance.” We’ll certainly be stocking up on some of these goodies to kick back and relax… 

Guilt-free treats

You wouldn’t think chocolate and coffee are particularly good for you, right? But we all need to treat ourselves every now and then – especially with products that have a purpose (and are incredibly indulgent, of course). “When choco-fans enjoy Tony’s Chocolonely, they can do so guilt-free in the knowledge that their treat has been sourced to the highest ethical standards,” says Nicola Matthews from Tony’s Chocolonely. And what better pairing than a cup of (ethical) coffee? “We believe in second chances, so we train and employ ex-offenders. Our goal is to help reduce re-offending rates by providing a sustainable route back into long-term employment,” explain Joel Grates and Dickon Morris from Oxford-based roastery New Ground Coffee. We know what we’ll be treating ourselves to – especially with New Ground popping up as part of our collaboration with Highsnobiety at 'The CO.LAB at The Corner Shop' in Selfridges London from 6 January until 9 February (you’ll find us there, enjoying a CBD-infused coffee). 


We think the future is really exciting for CBD use more broadly. The new wave of research could be a springboard for other interesting cannabinoids to step into the spotlight!

– Sophie Morrison and Alex Pejacsevich, Founders, Paso

Go with your gut

Ever heard the expression ‘healthy gut, healthy mind’? Well, apparently, having a healthy gut is essential for our overall health. “We each have more microbes in and on our body than there are stars in the galaxy, and they play an essential role in our biological functioning, from digesting our food to regulating our mood,” explains Sam Martingell, the founder of Kombucha Kat. And that’s not all fermented food does for us. Elena Deminska, from London Fermentary, tells us: “Lacto fermentation pre-digests food for us and makes it rich in live probiotics, vitamins, minerals and more. Also, it has a tangy, umami flavour, looks great, and takes any meal to another level – what’s not to like?” 


Studies show that regular coffee drinking can lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease, amongst others. Coffee can also assist in your exercise regime and even help cut down muscle pain after your workout!

– Joel Grates and Dickon Morris, Founders, New Ground Coffee

Super supplements

If you’re in two minds about the benefits of nutritional supplements, we’re here to give you the lowdown. “There is a wide range of scientific studies into the benefits of turmeric and plenty of anecdotal evidence, too,” says Zoe L.v.H. from functional food brand Wunder Workshop. “The list is endless, but I would say its anti-inflammatory benefits are the most impressive. Inflammation is very common in our modern-day society, and very much interlinked with stress.” And what about those protein powders taken as part of workout regimes? “Our products are developed to optimise your body and sharpen your mind,” Shivraj Bassi at Innermost explains. “A synergistic blend of functional ingredients, nootropics and adaptogens chosen for their abilities to build or recover muscle, help the body cope with stress, enhance wellbeing and boost cognitive ability.” That should help kick-start your 2020 exercise regime…

The latest in plant-based eating

Are you contemplating going completely vegan or just want a more balanced diet (or dare we say it: become one of the UK’s 22 million ‘flexitarians’)? Mirjam Schmidlin from 100% plant-based food company Mimselicious is here with some information that may help make up your mind. “It takes less land, water and CO2 to produce plant-based foods; just one day of plant-based eating saves 1,500 litres of water (that’s two weeks of showers per person). Studies also show that a plant-based diet only requires one third of the land needed to support a non-vegan diet.” Pretty persuasive stuff, right?

Discover our Happy Eating pop-ups in the Foodhall on G

Drop by our Oxford Street, London store to sample truly feel-good flavours.

TRIP CBD drinks tastings
1 & 19 February, 12–3pm

Stop by the Foodhall to taste TRIP's CBD-infused range of delicious drinks.

The Press x Selfridges CBD Shake

Made with CBD, mango, turmeric, almond milk, banana, ginger, saffron and gold leaf – yum!

Vegan Hot Dog Stand
6 January – 3 February

For an indulgent treat, try one of Black Lemon's delicious vegan hot dogs. All served with sunflower seed hot dogs, you can choose from the classic grilled onion topping, vegan pulled ‘pork’ or macaroni cheese.

ChicP Houmous Bar
21 January – 22 February

Creating delicious recipes using surplus food from our Foodhall that would have otherwise gone to waste, ChicP will be serving up breakfast and lunch toasts, nutritious bowls and wraps to satisfy your taste buds.