Can reselling and repairing our clothes really help tackle fashion’s environmental footprint? How can we make nature more accessible to communities that don’t have access to green space? To mark Earth Day, we’re inviting you to join pioneering experts and inspiring voices in the field of sustainability to explore these compelling questions and help us pave the way to a brighter future.

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Common Ground: How to Democratise Nature

Dates: Thursday 22 April   
Time: 6-7pm BST

Spending a mere two hours a week outside is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, enhance the immune system and reduce anxiety. Yet, for many communities, nature and the countryside are inaccessible with many city-dwellers struggling to find greenery in their local areas. There have been accounts of racist hate crimes in ‘community’ green spaces while plus-size people have long felt excluded from outdoor activities such as hiking. In this panel discussion, we hear from the organisations drawing attention to these inequalities and the trailblazing activists campaigning to make nature open to all.

As Good as New: Can Resale and Repair Create a Brighter Future for Fashion? 

Date: Friday 23 April
Time: 6-7pm BST

How can re-wearing, repairing and buying pre-loved fashion help the environment? Can this make a real difference in an industry that churns out vast quantities of cheap, mass-produced clothes every day? How can we make the pieces in our wardrobes last a lifetime? Join author and fast fashion specialist Elizabeth L Cline and expert voices in environmental fashion as they discuss the significance of reselling, reworking and repairing fashion items in today’s climate. This is a great way to discover the positive ways in which this simple practice can help the cause while also learning some helpful tips to get you started.

Climate Activism: How Can We Create A New Future?

Date: Saturday 24 April 
Time: 6-7pm BST

With the anti-climate change movement growing by the day, how can we untangle this complex issue to inspire effective thought leadership for the future? And how can we communicate that this is the most pressing matter in the history of human civilisation without it being preachy and dull? We bring together a panel of experts who have each found creative and innovative ways to bring the climate change conversation to the forefront in what promises to be an inspiring and informative talk.



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