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From fashion to food – we explore how to have some planet-friendly festive fun with sisters, housemates and models Sienna and Ella Piccioni
Words: Thea Bichard
Photography: Max Barnett


From fashion to food – we explore how to have some planet-friendly festive fun with sisters, housemates and models Sienna and Ella Piccioni.
Words: Thea Bichard
Photography: Max Barnett

Christmas poses a fair few questions: how is it already December? Is there enough brandy in the Christmas cake? How do we celebrate in a way that keeps the merriment high and the environmental impact low? In the spirit of our Project Earth initiative, we wanted to explore the latter, so we asked sisters (and housemates) Sienna and Ella Piccioni to play out how they’ll be transforming their bubble into a planet-friendlier winter wonderland – complete with festive fashion, food, gifts and good times.

HURR fashion rental is available online and in store at Selfridges London on 3


At-home office parties, virtual pub quizzes and, of course, Christmas dinners are all excellent excuses to get dressed up (we’ve been crying out for more of those this year). But is there an earth-conscious way of investing in an outfit you only intend to wear a handful of times? In short, yes: you can rent your outfits from HURR, prance around your living rooms right through to 2021 and then send the dresses back so they can keep partying on elsewhere.

Alternatively, if you’re in search of showstopping styles that aren’t just for Christmas, our Project Earth fashion edits are full of designs made with the earth in mind – think recycled fabrics, pre-loved pieces, responsible leather, organic fibres and water-saving production.

HURR fashion rental is available online and in store at Selfridges London on 3 / FELT SO GOOD - felt garland (available in store) / LOVEVIVID - twine (available in store) / FLORIS - Sandalwood & patchouli scented candle / Gift wrap and gift bags available in store


We definitely don’t want anyone to end up with a lump of coal in their Christmas stockings – just think of your carbon footprint. The piles of presents we will be sharing at Christmas can easily have a lighter impact on the planet, though. Our Project Earth edit includes recycled wrapping paper, alongside Forest Friendly cards for a more sustainable way of sending your season’s greetings. As for the gifts themselves? The Christmas sacks are bulging this year with earth-conscious versions of your favourite stocking fillers: vegan candles, refillable fragrance, organic wine, cruelty-free beauty… Santa and his elves are going to have their work cut out.

With the rental period you can have those statement pieces and have that amazing feeling, and then also give it back at the end of the day. You’re saving your money, but you’re also not just buying lots and lots of fashion – it’s way more sustainable.


– Model Ella Piccioni

SCANDINAVISK - Koto lidded scented candle / MILLER HARRIS - Rendezvous Tabac scented candle (out of stock) / Khutu giant glass and clay bauble / Nkuku Danoa giant recycled glass bauble (out of stock) / Nkuku Danoa giant recycled glass drop bauble / Recycled wrapping paper and gift boxes available in store


There’s something magical about building up a cache of Christmas tree decorations you bring out each year – some shiny-new, some handmade and some gifted. For this year’s new additions, you can raid our treasure trove of handmade and recycled baubles – as modelled by our human Christmas tree, Sienna. Once your home fully resembles a grotto, crack out the (vegan) candles, get the Forest Friendly puzzles set up and lay the table with plastic-free, recyclable crackers.

I would like to give, and also receive myself, more planet-friendly skincare and beauty products. I use a lot of them, so I feel like making a more conscious decision on what brands I choose and give to other people.


– Model Sienna Piccioni

SELFRIDGES SELECTION - Italian traditional pandoro / HURR fashion rental is available online and in store at Selfridges London on 3
HURR fashion rental is available online and in store at Selfridges London on 3


Our model sisters, Sienna and Ella, are still planning to pile the plates high this Christmas – the main menu hasn’t changed, but a few of the ingredients have. Sienna’s mission is to cut down on red meat and try out a nut roast recipe instead – increasing how many plants you eat in comparison to meat and animal products is the easiest way to reduce the eco impact of your meals (Christmas or otherwise). The pair will also be following their Italian family traditions with plenty of panettone – like all of our Selfridges Selection produce, from the mince pies to the Christmas pudding and fruit cake, our festive panettones are all palm oil-free. Buon Natale!

I think it’s really important this year to make your home feel special for Christmas, because we’re not going to Christmas parties and we may not be seeing all of our families. We’re making our home a really comfortable, warm place, using more planet-friendly candles and decorations to really bring the Christmas spirit.


– Model Sienna Piccioni


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