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Words: Grace Gargini
Over-sensitised skin formulas. Next-level retinol. Blemish-soothing supplements. Futuristic tech… There’s a lot to get excited about in beauty right now. From the latest innovations and formulas coming out of the labs to the tools and trends transforming the way we see our skin – we’re here to help break down the best of the next-generation skincare. 


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Ask any skin expert or dermatologist and they’ll tell you there are a few key ingredients that are proven to make a significant difference to your skin. The first being retinol. “Yes, we’ve heard of it… but why’s it so great?” you ask. Well, you can read all about its genius effect on the skin here, but we’re excited to see a new wave of retinols taking things to the next level.


Enter: legendary dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross, whose new advanced retinol range includes a patented Phyto-Retinol Blend™ that combines two types of retinol with bakuchiol and ferulic acid in a powerful blend that reduces the look of blemishes, speeds up skin renewal and refines fine lines and texture. Although mighty, this formula can be used daily AM or PM, but more sensitive skin types may want to ease in with a few times week. Also creating clever combinations is Murad, which has blended two A* ingredients in its Vita-C range – vitamin C and glycolic acid – to create a potent formula that dramatically brightens and protects the skin from future damage.


Some products (quite literally) take decades in the making. After 30 years’ research, stem cell scientist Professor Augustinus Bader created The Cream, a fast-absorbing formula that contains Trigger Factor Complex – a compound that unlocks your skin’s natural renewal process. After consistent use, you’ll notice a brighter, firmer more refined complexion. It’s genius!


We’re also seeing new levels of hydration hit the skincare scene. Suqqu’s new Aqufons range contains formulas that flood the skin with moisture and promote hyaluronic acid production for bouncy, luminous results (even on the driest of skin). Plus, La Mer’s The Hydrating Infused Emulsion combines the brand’s famed Miracle Broth™ with vitamin A, C and E, lime tea and fatty acids to lock in moisture, protect and strengthen the skin – perfect for transitional weather as we head into cooler climates.


‘Wellness’ and ‘skincare’ are terms we hear often, but what do they actually mean? In essence, it’s a back-to-basics approach of effective ingredients, a consistent routine and lifestyle practices that all work to encourage healthy and happy skin.

Alongside the hard-working, powerful treatments in our routines, it’s important to maintain a healthy foundation. Over-sensitised skin is a growing complaint in the skincare sphere due to an abundance of treatments and harsh formulas that (if not used properly) can cause damage and compromise the skin’s natural protective barrier. Biossance’s gentle formulas are packed with replenishing ingredients such as squalane – a plant-derived ingredient that delivers and locks in moisture – and probiotics to calm redness and relieve irritation. While Tata Harper’s Superkind range caters specifically to sensitised skin with comforting formulas that fortify and strengthen the skin.


A crucial part of good skincare is maintaining consistent skin practices – it may sound tedious, but they make all the difference. We’re not talking strict exercises every day but cleansing morning and night to remove bacteria and dead skin cells (that can lead to spots) and provide a clean canvas for your treatments to follow. And don’t forget SPF! It goes without saying that SPF is crucial for skin health, but it also protects your skin from wrinkles and pigmentation. Pai’s British Summer Time Sunscreen won’t irritate sensitive skin and works well under make-up (and remember SPF is all year, not just summer!).


Looking ahead, we’re perhaps most excited by the developments in the world of supplements as years of medical research are being poured into capsules that promise to heal and protect the skin from the inside out. From collagen powders and CBD oils to nail, skin and hair boosters, there’s something for everyone – a personal favourite is Skin Accumax supplements, which work miracles on hormonal acne-prone skin.


It was only a matter time before brands brought the best of salon technology to our everyday routines. NuFACE’s Trinity Facial Toning Device is one of our most popular beauty tools – and for good reason. Referred to as a ‘natural facelift’, the tool emits low-voltage microcurrents that mirror the body’s natural cellular currents to stimulate collagen and define the contours of the skin. After a quick five minutes every night you will see visible effects – it’s a true gamechanger.


LED lights have been used in salons for years, and the latest next-generation devices mean you can reap the rewards from the comfort of your sofa. Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro combines red and blue LED lights to firm the skin, refine pigmentation and clear up blemishes. Plus, his nifty SpotLite Blemish Reducer delivers medical-grade LED light directly to spots to reduce redness, minimise scarring and prevent future breakouts.


Perhaps a trend more under the radar is the growing benefits of cryotherapy, which uses ice-cold therapy to tighten and brighten the skin. Skin111’s Cryo De-Puffing Edit contains its brilliant sub-zero eye and face masks along with Cryo Sculpting Tools (made from surgical stainless steel) that can be massaged over the eyes and face to reduce puffiness and encourage circulation – they are particularly good at refreshing tired eyes after a late night.

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