Feel-good beauty for Valentine's Day

Our mission (yes, we choose to accept it): to make this your most joyful Valentine’s yet. Whether it’s helping you find a new feel-good fragrance, your ultimate date-night (or mates-night) make-up – or even the skincare saviours for the morning after – we’re here to make sure you look (and feel) your very best. And of course, we’ve got gifts! Some pretty special ones, in fact.

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Heart-skipping scents

When it comes to picking a special-occasion scent, there’s no strict science: it’s all about finding one that makes you feel a certain way (be it relaxed, self-assured, happy – you name it). Our favourites include Molecule 01 – a unique scent that consists of one singular molecule that adapts to your natural pheromones, so it smells different on everyone. You’ll be amazed at how many times people stop you in the street for a whiff. And Tom Ford’s new Rose Prick EDP, a bold bouquet of (you guessed it..) rose, along with pepper and turmeric for a spicy twist. If you like Mr. Ford’s F**king Fabulous predecessor, you’ll love this latest addition to the provocative perfume line-up. 

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Ultimate date or mate-night make-up

Whether you’re planning a dinner date, or drinks with friends this Valentine’s, your make-up is there to help you feel your best (without looking like you’ve tried too hard, of course). Laura Mercier’s beloved base products tick all the boxes with formulas that make the skin look effortlessly radiant. For eyes, both Charlotte Tilbury and Natasha Denona’s new palettes let you scale up or down – from soft matte neutrals to standout smokey eyes using highly pigmented shimmers (both key looks for 2020 – read our joy-inducing beauty feature for inspo) – while Pat McGrath’s intense black mascara formula offers major length and volume. If you’re a fan of bold lipstick but find them too high maintenance, opt for a long-wear hydrating texture, like the Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid, which delivers high-impact colour that feels weightless for up to 12 hours. 

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I woke up like this

We know that some of the best nights out can result in not-so-glamorous after-effects. To combat puffy, tired eyes, use a cooling jade roller to take down redness and swelling. If you didn’t cleanse from the night before (OK, we’ll let you off this time) then your skin may need some extra TLC. Enter: Sisley’s iconic Black Rose Mask, which brightens and plumps the skin with its super-rich formula, while Pixi’s mist offers an instant burst of hydration. For extra R&R, La Mer’s Renewal Oil infuses the skin with a soothing, revitalising formula that feels lovely when massaged into tired skin. And to revive day-two hair, spray a generous amount of dry shampoo into the roots – Sam McKnight’s offering adds body and texture. 

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Your go-to beauty companions

For those moments in life when you find yourself in a beauty emergency, there are a few go-to products that will be your friends for life. Discover a spot the morning of a first date? A targeted treatment, like Disciple’s What Spot? uses a potent mix of anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm blemishes. Other first date go-tos include a handbag-friendly fragrance – we love Santal 33’s undeniably fresh-yet-sexy scent – and a hydrating lip balm to smooth the lips that (crucially) doesn’t feel sticky. If you find your T-zone gets particularly oily, keep a powder and retractable brush on-hand for on-the-go touch-ups. Bonus: Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder mimics the look of actual candlelight on the skin using light-reflecting pigments.

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Gifts they'll love

If you need to give someone a (not so subtle) nudge in the right direction for this year’s Valentine’s present, we’ve compiled a list of smile-inducing gifts. From limited-edition launches by the likes of Diptyque and GHD to a bespoke fragrance set that lets them create their very own signature scent – we’ve got it all. And of course, you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself – a little bit of self-gifting never hurt anyone, right?

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From grin-inducing gifts to LOL-worthy comedy events in store (perfect for date or mates night!) – we've got it all.