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The skincare innovations to know right now

Skin-thusiasts, get your lab coats and clipboards at the ready. From LED-light devices and CBD oil to next-generation retinols, we break down the best ingredients and innovations coming out of the of the labs right now, so you don’t need a Master’s in Chemistry to understand them.

Not just a night cream

Believe it or not, skincare can be intelligent. This night cream uses a patented state-of-the-art drone system to deliver its potent formula deep into the skin cells. No, we’re not talking about your serum being delivered to your doormat by flying robot. Drone technology in skincare is actually a form of delivery system, which means it identifies areas of the skin that need the most repair for more targeted results. Yep, it’s sci-fi skincare, folks. The formula itself contains high levels of vitamin A (a derivative of retinol), which along with calming rose and jasmine oil gives you plump, smooth and glowing skin come the morning. 

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The calming power of cannabis

Arguably the trendiest ingredient in skincare right now, cannabis is cropping up everywhere. But how does it work, you ask? Well, the key ingredient here is cannabis sativa seed oil, which comes from the hemp variety of the cannabis sativa plant. There are about 80 ‘cannabinoids’ in the plant’s leaves, but the most well-known are CBD and THC (the latter is what’s found in Marijuana). Once extracted, there’s less than 0.3% of THC in the oil, so there’s no chance you’ll feel any different (even after a generous application). The oil itself has magical calming properties and is amazing for anyone suffering with blemishes, redness or discomfort.

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Prescribed skincare, please

If you’re a skincare fan, it’s likely you’re well acquainted with The Ordinary, which, back in 2016, caused quite the commotion with its launch of scientific, performance-led formulas at purse-friendly prices. But all that science talk can be a tad overwhelming. So, we’ve created Selfridges-approved skincare sets designed by skin type or concern. This four-piece set works wonders on pigmentation, with an exfoliating acid for everyday use (Glycolic Acid), as well as a 10-minute powerhouse peeling solution. Plus, its Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane uses a gentler retinoid that delivers similar results to a retinol but causes less irritation.  

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Keep things simple

The Inkey List is one of the cult brands riding the wave of simple and straightforward skincare. Stripping back on formula and complicated product names, this cleanser champions Salicylic Acid (a popular acid that’s gentle enough for everyday use) to unclog pores and minimise excess oil in the skin. If you suffer with spots, blackheads, enlarged pores – or simply need to slough off city grime after a busy day – this will remove make-up, dirt and anything else in its tracks.  

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Ready, set, retinol 

Retinol is the ultimate do-it-all ingredient. It’s a form of vitamin A that exfoliates the skin and tackles the majority of skin concerns: wrinkles, fine lines, pore size, uneven skin tone – you name it. Now, we’re seeing a new crop of next-generation retinols from brands with dermatologists at the helm. Case in point: Murad, which uses Retinol Tri-Active Technology for timed release throughout the day in its award-winning eye serum. For retinol newbies, Paula’s Choice’s 1% Retinol Booster can be mixed into your serum or moisturiser for a gentler approach that still improves skin tone and wrinkles.

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The latest tools & tech

Inspired by the success of the professional lasers in his clinic, Dr Dennis Gross’ medical grade mask gives you the benefits of LED light therapy from the comfort of your sofa (cup of tea and Love Island optional). The at-home mask is lined with 100 red LED lights to stimulate the natural production of collagen and the blue LED light treats acne and kills bacteria to prevent future breakouts. You can opt for the blue or red light individually or use them together to tackle wrinkles and acne at the same time. Also on our radar is BeGlow’s TIA. This 3-in-1 device not only cleanses the skin, but mimics the effects of facial massage to boost blood circulation, reduce puffiness and improve radiance.

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Crazy for vitamin C

Ask any skin expert and they’ll tell you the three things everyone should be using are: retinol, SPF and vitamin C. Renowned for its skin-brightening properties, vitamin C is a great all-rounder. It is, however, a risky ingredient and if formulated or packaged incorrectly, can easily oxidise and lose its efficacy. To combat this, Sunday Riley uses a new sophisticated form of vitamin C called THD Ascorbate that is highly stable and quickly absorbs into the skin. Win-win. 

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Hasta la vista, baby

This clinical-grade peel means serious business – think of it as the Arnold Schwarzenegger of skincare. The two-step system is packed with a potent blend of acids that eats away at dead skin cells and leaves a more radiant, smoother complexion in its wake. The second stage balances the skin and thanks to antioxidant ingredients, protects and reduces the future signs of ageing. But with great power comes great responsibility. If you’re new to peels, it’s best to work your way up and start with more gentle acids, such as the aforementioned salicylic or glycolic acid.

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Let there be light

Yes, we all know we should be using SPF – not only for its obvious health benefits, but because it’s the number-one thing you can do to prevent wrinkles and pigmentation. But the super-smart folks over at Dermalogica have upped the SPF game with this multitasking moisturiser. Using the latest in skin technology, the UV protection kicks into action once light hits the skin. Plus, advanced antioxidants protect against pollution for a one-two punch.

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Top of their game

It would be amiss to run through the biggest and best in skincare and fail to mention Korea. Most of the products or techniques we use on a daily basis – think serums, essences, and, of course, layering – started life in a Korean lab. Enter: Dr Jart, whose patented and beloved Ceramidin range uses a complex cocktail of ingredients to soothe, strengthen and hydrate the driest of skin. Honestly, this stuff is like a pint-size glass of water for your skin.

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