For moments of indulgence, look no further than our selection of luxuriously decadent chocolates. From exotically flavoured truffles to classic chocolate assortments, delight in our range of chocolate boxes, chocolate hampers and chocolate bars today.

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TONY'S: Salted caramel milk chocolate bar 180g
CROSBIES: Double chocolate brownies 200g
TONY'S: Dark milk chocolate pretzel toffee bar 180g
TONY'S: Almond Honey Nougat milk chocolate bar 180g
TONY'S: Milk chocolate bar 180g
TONY'S: Hazelnut milk chocolate bar 180g
CHOCOLARDER: Arhuaco 67% dark chocolate 70g
TONY'S: Sea salted almond dark chocolate bar 180g
FARHI: Chocolate almond assortment