Men's Dior Perfumes

It’s hard to beat the distinctive aromas of any aftershave from Dior. Responsible for some of the most recognisable scents of the past half-century, no man’s grooming kit is complete without a bottle of one of their bestselling elixirs. Explore our full range of Dior perfume for men and discover your new signature bouquet.

Dior is known as an iconic luxury fashion label the world over. When the French atelier debuted its fragrance collection in 1947 – just one year after the brand's inception – it was an instant success. The firm established its mastery of magnetic scent blends from day dot and has continued to captivate our olfactory senses ever since.

Tastes certainly differ when it comes to choosing an aftershave. Will you opt for a deep woody concoction or an invigorating blend of citrus and vetiver? Dior men's fragrances come impeccably packaged in sculpted glass bottles and while aesthetics aren't everything, there's a certain joy in glimpsing one of these sleek aftershaves on your nightstand.

Our collection of Dior cologne ranges from light, sporty options to intoxicating evening odours. Find the evocative scent for you and you'll soon notice your grooming regime has become one of the day's highlights.

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27/27 results